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Why You Need Smart Electronics in your Kitchen

With the growth in the use of technology, one cannot forget the kitchen. There are so many devices and gadgets that are now developed and custom made specifically for the kitchen. There are microwaves, dishwashers, coffee brewers and many other devices that have a place in the modern kitchens. The question in the mind is- are there any benefits accruing from automating the kitchen?

Convenience is the word when we talk about automation or using smart devices in the kitchen. The smart ovens and microwaves are quite convenient to use. They come with preset cooking instructions and recipes which one only needs to press some buttons or touch some keys, place the ingredients in the oven and switch it on. The ovens follow the recipes and make the deal better by using the inbuilt sensors to make the cooking better and healthier. For instance, the food moisture and cooking time is well regulated by the many sensors that are set specifically for the controls. The control can be easily done with the use of smart assistants like Alexas and Google Home. One may just need to issue a voice command and the assistants put the machines to task once the machines are connected via Wi-Fi or bluetooth. Most of the information the machines use, for instance in the recipes, are drawn from the internet cloud storage. These save the users the task of trying to get the recipes from whatever source, get the settings of the machine right and consistently monitoring the cooking process. The user’s work is really reduced but the results are good. Some ovens like the Nova precision oven even sends texts to the user showing the progress of the cooking and advice on any expected problem.

The use of smart machines in the kitchen almost guarantees efficiency especially when one has correctly followed the instructions on the use of the machines. Efficiency in this case is in line with the use of little time and resources but with better if not amazing results. With the General Electric kitchen app connected to a dishwasher, one is notified of the progress of the washing through texts. Should there be a leakage in the machine or an ingredient that is lacking, the machine will automatically notify the user. This avoids unnecessary waste through misuse or malfunction of equipment. The dishwasher, if in good working condition, will leave the dishes clean and dry within a short time. It saves energy as it will switch itself off if the task is over and can even be controlled remotely by the user. The recipes accessible to the smart oven Tovala are tested and retested by the chefs tasked with producing them. This means that once the oven is acquired, one is guaranteed of world class food prepared by the oven with custom made recipes for any set of ingredients.

Smart gadgets keep us safe in the kitchen. It is hard sometimes to control children with their itchy and curious fingers from touching any machines in their environment. This curiosity sometimes turn dangerous if not fatal. Smart devices come with the enablement to remotely lock or unlock a given device. Connected devices are easily locked via a simple command from a smart phone or digital assistant. Also, there are some alarms made specifically for the kitchen. Nest has some alarm systems that easily detect carbon monoxide gas and smoke from any fires in the kitchen. This is important in keeping our loved ones and property safe as prevention is always better than cure.

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